KGS 218
KGS 601
KGS 602
KGS 701
KGS 702
KGS 703
KGS 801
  KGS 218
Application Domestic & Industrial, Low current
Detection Method Catalytic
Gases Detected Most Combustible Gases
Range 0 ~ 100%LEL
Rated Voltage 2.5Vdc
Current Consumption 180±20mA
Zero Offset Voltage -55 ~40mV(23±2℃, 60%RH)
Output Sensitivity 27±5mV/%methane
Linear to 3%methane
T90 Response Time Within 10 secs(methane)
Long Term Sensitivity Drift <3%signal/month
Long Term Zero Drift <1%LEL(methane)/month
Warranty Period 2 year from date of despatch
* Flow rate of 300mls/min. Conditions at 23±2℃, 60%RH,
and 1 atm unless otherwise noted.
  Relative Sensitivity
Gas Relative Sensitivity
Detection Method Catalytic
Methane 100
Propane 70
iso-butane 65
Pentane 60
* The results are intended for guidance only at the same %LEL concentration.
  Basic Measuring Circuit
  Structure and Materials